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Horoscope Review

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PROS / Horoscope.com has a wide variety of horoscopes and fun activities based on your zodiac sign.

CONS / Horoscope.com offers a pop culture version of astrology that serious astrology fans would find trivial.

 VERDICT / The focus on just horoscopes makes Horoscope.com a good choice for quick previews of the next day, week or month.

Horoscope.com represents a very commercialized version of astrology, as opposed to some other sites that take it more seriously. This site is full of quizzes, calculators, widgets and short horoscope reports to give you quick answers on life, love and money. If any of the sites in our lineup warrant a “for entertainment only” disclaimer, this is it. That said, this site offers a lot of fun things to do, giving it mass appeal.Horoscope.com has earned the TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award for having the biggest selection of available horoscopes.

Horoscope Reports

As the name suggests, Horoscope.com is focused exclusively on horoscopes, which are very short astrological reports and predictions for the immediate future. You can buy more comprehensive reports and readings through this site, but they are actually provided by Astrocenter.com (another of our top ten sites).

On the home page, you’ll find a variety of horoscopes and other astrological tools and games, like an Instant Answer Tarot that gives you a yes or no answer to a question you ask in your mind (or out loud, if you wish). There is a Magic 8 Ball feature that is exactly what you think it would be if you’ve ever used a Magic 8 Ball. Again, you ask a question and it gives you a yes or no answer (if the answer is hazy, sometimes it makes you ask again). Other lighthearted widgets on the site include the Buddha Belly (you “rub” it to get words of wisdom), the Genie (again, you ask a yes/no question and get a Magic-8-Ball-like answer), the Mood Ring (you click on it and it changes color to indicate your current mood, then gives you a bit of advice) and the Fortune Cookie (you get one guess what it does).

The fortune teller website widgets mentioned above are meant as a playful diversion, while the horoscopes on this site sound more specific and sometimes integrate actual statements about stars and planets to back up the predictions and observations. For example, one day’s report said “The moon squares both the sun and Mars tonight and emotions get out of hand.” The site offers daily, weekly and monthly predictions and a special section for birthday scopes. There are also reports focusing on certain areas like love, career, money and even food and pets, in case you’re wondering how your relationships with your pets will fare this week or what kind of food you should eat. There is also a teen horoscope written specifically for teens, but the website encourages parents to read these to find out how to be more in tune with their teens. The writing style for all the horoscopes is informal and light-hearted, reminding the reader that these predictions are intended for entertainment only. However, the language in the actual horoscopes is slightly more formal than what you find in the game widgets.

The website doesn’t give any information about the astrologers who author the content on the site; they are simply referred to as “our team of astrologers.” Some of the other sites on our lineup identify their authors by name, especially if they are well-known in the astrology community.

Specialized Reports

Many types of reports are free on this site, including basic numerology readings, but you can also use this site to purchase specialized reports through Astrocenter.com or psychic readings through Psychiccenter.com, both websites owned by Horoscope.com, Inc. All the reports on this site come in several versions, so for example when you click on Tarot, you’ll have the option of getting your daily tarot reading or one of several specialized tarot readings like the Past Lives Tarot, Friend or Foe Tarot, Daily Love Tarot and others. Tarot readings online are designed to give elaborate yes or no answers to the questions you have in your mind, since you’re not there in person to ask questions of your tarot reader. The way these readings work is that you pick one or two cards and then get a pre-written description of what that card indicates. You can then choose how to apply that information to the question you want to ask.

This site offers free versions of many of the paid specialized reports we saw on other sites, but they are shorter and less in-depth than the reports you can buy. If you’re interested in more elaborate and detailed predictions, click the Premium Readings link to order more comprehensive reports.

Help & Support

Because this site does not sell anything directly, there are no customer support options. If you choose to purchase a report or using the services on one of their sister sites, you can get customer service directly from there. The site does have a blog with articles of general interest to the astrology community.




Horoscope.com got high ratings on our review for having the widest range of reports. This site is perfect for the casual astrology fan. A lot of people read horoscopes for fun but don’t put much stock in astrology as a science, and this site is designed for exactly that purpose. This site is a fun place to waste some time, but we don’t recommend using this advice to make any major life decisions. If you are a strong believer in astrology, this site will seem to make light of your beliefs, but if you are just looking for some entertainment, this site is the only one on our lineup with fun activities like the virtual Magic 8 Ball.