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Astroved Review

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PROS / Astroved offers a comprehensive set of horoscopes as well as more in-depth Vedic astrological readings, catering to a wide range of audiences.

CONS / Much of Astroved’s website uses complex vocabulary that is hard to understand without a solid background in Vedic astrology.

 VERDICT / Astroved is the best site for getting remedies to help balance the planetary influences in your spiritual outlook.

Astroved offers a variety of free and premium horoscope predictions, but this site focuses most heavily on astrological remedies. In other words, this site not only provides a variety of astrological readings, but it gives you all kinds of tools to counteract the negative aspects of your forecast. Astroved is the most jargoned site on our lineup, and the average person will understand very little of the writing. This is one of the primary reasons we've ranked this site in the middle of our lineup instead of near the top. However, for people who are very knowledgeable about Vedic astrology, this site offers the most comprehensive set of astrological tools and information available online.

Astroved has free daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes organized by sun sign or moon sign. The site does not offer a moon sign calculator, but some of the other sites on our lineup offer that service. Your moon sign is determined by what sign the moon was in at the moment of your birth. The daily horoscopes are only a few sentences, but the monthly horoscopes are much longer and are broken down into different areas (general, love, finance, career, health). At the bottom is a list of Vedic remedies, which are the recitations and ceremonies you should perform to balance your astrological influences.

This feature is really what distinguishes this site from the others, and it will only be useful to people who are very knowledgeable about Vedic astrology because it requires outside knowledge of rituals and mantras. Our sample report suggested the following remedy: “Recite the below Rahu mantra on Tuesdays, 3 times: ArdhaKaayamMahaVeryamChandradityaVimardhanamSimhikaGarbhaSambhutam Tam RahumPranamamyaham.” As you can see, this site might intimidate anyone who’s new to the world of Vedic astrology and traditional Indian spirituality.

While there are no separate horoscopes organized by topic, the monthly reports are broken down into different categories. Astroved offers a wide selection of premium reports, including standards like comprehensive birth charts and life reading, along with hundreds of other types of reports and remedies. Many of the resources on this site require a lot of background knowledge to be useful. For example, many wouldn’t know what to do with a link that says “Homam for Birthstar.” If you take the time to read it, this site has all the information you’d need to understand Vedic astrology, at least enough to use the resources on this site. The biggest obstacle is that the vocabulary is so contextual, it can be hard to figure out where to get started. If you are just looking for personalized horoscopes, the My Life, Astrology and Reports menus contain many options for customized astrological readings.

Astroved offers birth charts and many variations of lifetime horoscopes based on your birth chart. This site places more emphasis on gemstone reports than other sites. These reports contain information about what gems are auspicious and inauspicious for you based on your birth chart. In Vedic astrology, gemstones are considered very influential.

Some of the most unique areas of this site include the dog remedies (spiritual accessories to protect your companion animal) and the Enhance Your Beauty remedies (special programs for worshiping the goddess that controls beauty).

If you need help with an order you placed on Astroved, you can reach customer support by phone or email. For immediate astrological advice, you can also use the ask and answer feature to get personalized answers to your own questions. This feature appears on the home page and looks like a free service, but when you enter your question it takes you to a page of options for purchasing live chat or phone consultations with Astroved’s astrologers. Note that this site is operated from India, so all the hours of availability are given in IST (GMT + 5.5).


Astroved is a unique mixture of serious Vedic astrology and user-friendly internet horoscopes. This site could appeal to casual astrology fans who just want a daily horoscope, to moderate believers who want a little more in-depth advice about life, love and career, and to strong believers in Vedic astrology who want to know everything about their astrological profile and how to manage it.