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Astrology Review

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PROS / The site offers hundreds of different personalized reports focusing on specific areas.

CONS / There is a lot of overlap between the different types of specialized readings.

 VERDICT / Astrology.com is a good source for specialized astrology reports and extended horoscopes.

Astrology.com is one of the most comprehensive astrology and horoscope sites available. In addition to daily horoscopes, Astrology.com offers hundreds of specialized reports with predictions, insights and advice on all different areas of life. Along with traditional zodiac horoscopes, Astrology.com dedicates areas of the website to Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology, Mayan astrology, tarot, numerology and psychic readings. Because of its wealth of horoscopes and astrology features, Astrology.com has earned the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

Horoscope Reports

The home page of Astrology.com has a daily horoscope and a quick link to yesterday’s and tomorrow’s reports. The daily horoscopes are only a few sentences long and are fairly general. For example, one day the sample Virgo report said “You and that new person are actually quite compatible – in whatever way makes sense to you.” This type of prediction doesn’t even make an attempt at specificity. On the other hand, horoscopes are meant to be open for interpretation, so it makes sense that these predictions would not be overly specific. Astrology.com also offers a variety of monthly horoscopes, but they are tricky to find. There are also reports that apply to the coming year or to your entire lifetime.

On the left side of the home page you can select your birthdate, and then the various options on the right will update according to your selection. Under the main daily horoscope, you can scroll to the right or left to see any one of 31 different reports based on your birthdate, including predictions for the upcoming month and year, categorized both by area (e.g. romance, business, etc.) and by astrological tradition. For example, in addition to looking at the predictions for your zodiac sign, you might read up on the predictions for the year of the rat or rabbit from the Chinese zodiac.

Specialized Reports

Astrology.com offers hundreds of different types of personalized reports based on your birthdate and sometimes the exact time of your birth. These include birth charts (also called natal charts), which are maps of the positions of the stars at the time of your birth. Based on your birth chart, Astrology.com can prepare a variety of reports in different areas.

The reports on this site are very specific, but there is a lot of overlap. For example, under the section All About You, you can find reports like the Personal Astrology Report, the Natal Chart and The Real You Reading, all of which are basically the same thing—general astrological predictions based on the exact time of your birth. You can also choose more specialized reports focusing on career and money, love and compatibility, and many other areas.

Some of the unique astrological reports on this site include the World Peace Reading, which describes the “unique contribution you’re destined to make to humankind,” the Harmony Reading, which describes the ways in which you’ll find harmony and conflict with others, and the Go Green Reading, which describes “the focus of your natural environmental affinity.” The reports mentioned here appear under the All About You section, but they also appear in different categories under the umbrella of Personalized Readings. Other categories within personalized readings include Love & Relationships, Career and Money, Friends and Family, Past Life Readings, Feng Shui, Numerology and others.

If you’re looking for a more long-term preview of your life, there are a range of readings and reports you might like. The Life Path Reading focuses on revealing your “spiritual, psychological, and personal potential” as determined by your birth chart. The Ry Redd’s Edgar Cayce Past Life Reading is a favorite for those who believe in reincarnation, revealing who you may have been in past lives. The Destiny Reading is another form of the Life Path or Personal Astrology Readings, offering a general preview of your life based on your birth chart.

If you are interested in any of the specialized reports on this site but aren’t ready to shell out the money, you can get a free sample report. While browsing the different reports, enter your personal information on the right side of the page for a short preview of your full-length report. These reports are generated instantly, so it’s safe to assume that they are not prepared for you individually. Once you sign up for your sample report, you automatically become a member of the site, and as such you’ll receive a free daily horoscope by email. Based on the sample we received, the specialized reports are much more lengthy and detailed than the quick daily horoscopes. Still, the predictions and insights in these reports are broad and general enough that anyone can find statements that seem very accurate. On the other hand, skeptics might chalk it up to advice that can be applied to anyone or any topic.

Once you provide Astrology.com with your birthdate on any area of the site, the entire site from then on will be somewhat personalized for you. Instead of a generic horoscope popping up, you’ll be shown examples from your own zodiac sign and birth year. This is one of the ways that astrology works, by eliciting personal information to make more personalized and relevant predictions.

In addition to written reports, Astrology.com offers psychic readings by phone.

Help & Support

Astrology.com has a number of blogs, including Sex and the Galaxy and Clueless about Love, written by featured bloggers. Under the Blogs menu, you can choose blog articles by topic. There are also a few articles written by the site’s main authors, offering predictions and overviews of the current year. If you purchase any reports from Astrology.com, the site offers a money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with one report, you can substitute another report for no additional charge. The Ask and Answer feature allows you to ask specific questions and get an answer by email. This feature is intended for questions of an astrological nature, not inquiries about the website or billing. If you need to contact the company, there is an online contact form.



Astrology.com is our top choice for horoscope sites because it caters to so many different areas of astrology. Whether you want to read about the year of the Rabbit, learn how to organize your furniture following Feng Shui principles or find out whether you and your partner are soul mates, Astrology.com has resources for you. Most of the reports on Astrology.com cost money, but you can preview before you buy to see if the writing style and content ring true to you.