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Horoscope Review

Why People Use Horoscopes

In reviewing astrology websites, we looked for sites that provided daily horoscopes as well as more detailed, personalized reports. The best daily horoscope sources provide daily horoscopes along with weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. Some of the other common reports we looked for concerned love and compatibility with a mate, career outlook or financial advice, and health advice. In addition, a number of astrology-related resources appear on many of our top-rated sites, including tarot readings, psychic readings and numerology. We gave higher ratings to sites that are specific and well written, especially those that provide some information about the site authors and their qualifications. For those looking to read more about astrology, we also listed whether the sites include a blog or articles to help you understand astrology concepts and terms.

Since ancient times, humans have been trying to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos using astrology and numerology. Many cultures have traditions of trying to interpret meaning from the placement of the stars and planets we can see in the night sky. Some people chalk this up to simple quackery, but others believe the complex arrangement of astronomical objects affects the events on Earth. For believers in astrology, horoscopes provide previews to what the immediate future has in store for you.

The horoscope websites on our review use many different traditions to interpret the stars and make predictions about the future – traditions that can be traced back to ancient cultures that have studied the night skies for thousands of years. Because horoscopes are so widely open to interpretation, different seers will make very different predictions. It’s up to you to find the school of astrology that fits most closely with your beliefs.

Our reviews will provide details about what each horoscope site offers. The best horoscope sites we found were Astrology.com, Horoscope.com and Astrodienst. We’ve also included helpful articles on horoscopes to help you learn how seers make astrological predictions. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

Horoscopes: What to Look For

Horoscope Reports
The first thing we reviewed on each website was the types of general horoscopes that are offered. By “general,” we mean horoscopes that focus on all areas of life and may include predictions about your love life, career path, family issues or anything else that seems prominent in the day’s stars. Even people who don’t believe in astrology read horoscopes for entertainment. Whether or not the predictions are accurate, these short astrological reports can give you a new outlook on the day. Most of the sites include very general daily horoscopes based on your zodiac sign. Some sites provide special horoscopes based on your exact birthdate. Because we have so much knowledge about the movement patterns of the stars, astrologers can make predictions not only for today, but also for the entire week, month or year. Some sites even offer a “life report” that is like a horoscope summary for your entire life. Each site offers a range of basic reports and at least some types of in-depth reports that you receive by email or phone.

Specialized Reports
Specialized horoscopes may focus on one area of life (e.g. love, career, health), or they may focus specifically on one astrological tradition (e.g. Chinese, Vedic, Numerology). This category of our review also includes whether each site offers tarot readings and psychic readings. While traditional horoscopes place people into categories of zodiac signs (e.g. Aries, Aquarius, Libra, etc.) based on their birth month, some astrologers also make use of “moon signs,” which are calculated based on the position and phase of the moon at the exact time of your birth. A few of the sites on our review have moon sign calculators so you can find out your moon sign in addition to your sun sign. One popular special report is the birth chart, which is a detailed horoscope in all areas based on the position of the stars at the exact moment of your birth. Most sites charge extra for birth charts because they require personalized examination and interpretation of the entire star chart.

Help & Support
The final category we used to compare our horoscope sites included the help and support resources, like articles, chat rooms, discussion boards and ask and answer services where you can ask a personal question and get an answer by email. We also list the methods of contacting someone in case you have a problem with your purchase. In some cases, you can use these phone and email contacts directly for astrological advice as well as for customer support inquiries.

Horoscopes, and astrology in general, are very subjective. If you look at ten different horoscopes, they’ll say different things depending on the author. Even within the schools of astrology, different seers have their own point of view for interpreting the signs. We think the easiest way to judge the best horoscope site for yourself is to read several different sites’ predictions and choose the author that seems tuned into your personal channel, so to speak. Once you’ve found the site you like, try one of the personalized reports to get a lot more in-depth predictions for all areas of your life.